Monday, July 28, 2014

FAVOURITES | July's Happy 10

As the month of July slowly comes to an end, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the 10 things that made me happy in the past 30 days or so. Similar to most of my summer days, July has not been super eventful or exciting, but it was still quite relaxing. I think it's important to find happiness in the little things around us, so what we didn't get to travel to New York City or go backpacking around Europe? We can still appreciate the fact that summer is here and the weather is beautiful and we have plenty of fruits to eat. :)

Before I continue to blabber on about everything, here are a few of my favourite things, of July!

  1. The mason jar craze has definitely got to me. My lovely friend Anna gave this to me as a birthday present this year and I am loving it! It has been housing all my juices and smoothies; I also like to fill it all the way full with plain water and keep it somewhere close to me as a reminder that I need to stay hydrated in this hot weather. c:
  2. "My Week with Marilyn" is based on a memoir written by British writer and filmmaker Colin Clark about the production of one of Marilyn Monroe's famous films The Prince and the Showgirl. I originally decided to watch it because of Emma Watson's participation in the film. However I was instantly drawn to it once I started watching. Hollywood's Golden Era is one of my favourite time periods in history. The people, the fashion style, and the music used in the film really made me feel nostalgic. 
  3. This film is a classic romantic comedy. I have heard about it so much that I watched it out of curiosity. And let's just say that it did not disappoint. I did notice that these older films are a lot longer than the ones today, however the content is equally as good (if not better).
  4. Oh these little devils. Okay I am by no means saying that these are healthy but man oh man are they addicting! They were on sale a few weeks back and my mom and I bought them to snack on during our movie night. 1 movie and 3 bags of these were gone! Like most processed foods, these cannot exactly be considered as a 'healthy' snack, but there's nothing wrong with letting yourself (and your belly) go once in a while! :)
  5. As I mentioned in my 'Aspiring Couch Potato: Modern Family' blog post, I have recently fell in love with the 'mockumentary' style of television shows. Parks and Rec. is another excellent example of that. Also Amy Poehler is just hilarious.
  6. Almond butter. That is all.
  7. A Tumblr user once said "One does not just play Sims. One does not play Sims for a few years and then binge-play it for about 3 months". I am the living proof of that.
  8. I began going to the gym much more frequently since summer started (April for us Canadian university kids). Was it hard to go from almost nothing to today's 5-times-per-week gym schedule? Yes of course! But I have grown to enjoy it. Sometimes you just have to drag your lazy bum to the gym - honestly I feel less tired after I exercise! Why? Because running (or any other form of exercise) does not only improve your health physically (muscle building etc.) but can also help with increasing your brain juice, amongst many other benefits!
  9. Enjoyed the book, disappointed by the movie, loved the soundtrack.
  10. Recently I became a part of Moss Magazine along with a few other girls on Tumblr. It's been really cool and interesting to write about my thoughts and ideas for people with similar interests!

I was inspired by Haley at Brewing Happiness to write this post and I encourage whoever read this to do the same! :)

Have an amazing day you!

Michelle, xx


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