Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aspiring Couch Potato: Modern Family

Hey guys! I am so excited to start something new on this blog!
As I failed to mention in my very first post, I am a complete television junkie. Not to sound like a hermit with no social life whatsoever, but one of my favourite activities is probably staying in and binge watch television series... I am not ashamed to say that I finished five seasons of Modern Family under a week. And all of this 'healthy' TV watching has inspired me to test-run a new category on my blog here, focusing on reviewing various television programs - whether it be a drama, a sitcom, a reality show - and perhaps even specific episodes if certain ones really catch my eyes!

I will start with what I have been obsessing over most recently - Modern Family. As I mentioned previously, I did marathon through all five season within a week of time. Do keep in mind though, the episodes run for about 21 minutes each episode, so it's not too too bad on my part. I have heard lots of good things about the show before I started watching; which I remembered when I was at that in-between phase of TV land (you know, when you find yourself asking "now what?"). Yeah, that phase, the in-between, the TV purgatory.

Anywho, I am more than glad that I picked up Modern Family.
As the title would suggest, the show depicts different versions of the family structure. There is your 'traditional' family - husband and wife, same race and about the same age, with 2-3 children; and there are your not-so-conventional families - homosexual marriage, interracial marriage, step-parents, and adoptive parents.
The sitcome even emphasizes the importance of extended family - an idea that many people have abandoned.

While it constantly challenges the audience's view on the idea of 'family', the show does not lack humour at all, not one bit. It is produced in the form of a 'mockumentary' in which the characters sometimes react directly to the camera. This was my first time watching a sitcom of this format, and I have to say, it definitely adds another layer of humour. You know someone is up to no good when they look directly into the camera! *wink*

10/10 would recommend.

This is a very elementary post on this whole TV-review thing that I will be doing for the next little while. Hope this will turn into an interesting topic!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Michelle, xx


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