Thursday, June 12, 2014

Made Personal: A Beginning

Hello friends! This is Michelle speaking.

So uh, welcome to my blog. I guess for the next little while, this place will be my sanctuary - somewhere I can express freely regarding ... well, everything. So far, I have imaged this blog to mainly consist some of my thoughts and ideas on the current, past, and future trends of fashion and styling, as well as bits and bobs about my personal life and where my interests lie - food, people, travelling, music, DIYs, photography, you name it!

I am currently a university student who is, of course like everyone else, "trying to find herself". While I'm at it, I spend most of my time on the internet, finding inspirations here and there. I guess for now this blog is where I will be sharing with all you awesome (and hopefully not creepy) peeps out here in the Wide West (aka. zee internet) a bit of my life. But I mean who knows, maybe it will grow into something completely different in a couple years, maybe in even just a few months.

Hopefully this post has put my little blog to a somewhat interesting start. I also have a Youtube channel ( where you can watch me talk to a camera and, I mean, my mom likes my videos, so perhaps you will too. 

[here is a picture of little old me in this big big world, enjoy.]

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