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Now I know I just made a Back to School LOOKBOOK  but there are still many many oh so many pieces of clothing that I wish I could have incorporated into my outfits. Some of them way to expensive for me to purchase, and some of them I really wish I could have but missed/didn't have the chance to buy them! So I decided to make a Back to School WISHLIST to display some bonus outfit ideas that I put together! Ready to be campus-ready? Fasten your seat belts and let us begin!

Número uno

If you have been following my other FASHION - tagged posts, you wouldn't be surprised to know that I have been loving stripes recently! I mean, it's a classic pattern that I have always been fond of, but I have rekindled my LOVE for it. Similar to one of the outfits I put together for the LOOKBOOK, I involved stripes in this look as well! Coupled with a denim overall, I think this outfit says 'casual yet chic' - perfect for school amirite? I went with some long socks and high rise sneakers for a more youthful look.

Número dos

I am calling this one the 'dress to impress'. Get it? Because these are all dresses. Oooh yes, I am a punny one aren't I? Yes yes. Anyway... I couldn't decide on which dress to choose so I will display all of them. So many choices! We've got an intricately crocheted sheath dress, a lovely floral dress, a classic monochromatic combination, a bad-gal leather dress, and a long sleeve one. Each has its perks but I am really leaning towards the long sleeved one. The orange color makes the piece pop and I quite appreciate the cut of the dress as well as the black accents at the cuffs, kind of reminds me of the UK styled school uniforms!

Número tres

This outfit is targeting those colder school days! Okay I will be honest, it's more of an autumn outfit, because there is no way this can fend off the cold harsh Canadian wind in the winter... Similar to outfit #3 in my 'Back to School LOOKBOOK' I went with some pleather/leather leggings. I really like the texture it brings to the outfit and I think it definitely adds an extra shine to an otherwise dull and flat outfit. The top is pretty straightforward - black, boxy cut - and a black low-cut pea coat. For some extra warmth, I added a fuzzy beanie - still keeping the simple black color; and a cozy round scarf.I am a big fan of pairing pieces of similar color tones together. For example, sweater and shoes, or in this case, scarf and leggings. I also picked out a simple necklace, gotta look good after we take off the winter armor right? Put on some chunky black boots, and you've got an A+ for autumn (winter in warmer places) school style!

Número cuatro

Outfit number four is a classic baseball-vans-girl look. I think the oversized boyfriend fit gives off a very laid-back and relaxed vibe, hopefully this can somehow take away some of the school stress! I included the denim shorts in the outfit as a preventive measure - just in case the top isn't long enough.. we don't want to flash anyone! An oversized top goes perfectly with some knee high socks! As always, I like to put a pop of color in my outfits - the trainers are in a perfect maroon color! As for jewelries, I chose some simple yet unique pieces.

Número cinco

This last outfit is sort of a more subtle continuation of the our 4th outfit. Baseball-tee plus baggy trousers equal effortless outfit? I think so. With monotonous clothing pieces, I decided to go with some palm tree patterned trainers and a plaid backpack to put an unexpected twist on the outfit. Here's an attempt at make-up: a orange-red lipstick for this outfit. SURPRISE. c:

* All outfits were put together by me through the ASOS outfit builder.

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