Sunday, August 24, 2014


The one week countdown to a new school year began yesterday!
Well, sort of. 
As some of you may know, university(slash college) classes don't really start until after Frosh week; so technically, school doesn't start until the 8th of September for me. But to make up for the lack of videos I have produced this summer, I finally pooped out a "Back to School LOOKBOOK". 
Here is a little rant - for a video that is less than 4 minutes long, the time I spent on making this video is kind of ridiculous. As a newbie to video making, I have yet to figure out a more efficient way to produce videos. 3 hours of filming, 5+ hours of editing, 3+ hours of more editing (voice-overs, thumbnails, etc.) seem rather preposterous for such a short video. I still have so much to learn! (◕‿◕✿)

Alright, enough talking. Here is the actual video! I hope you guys really enjoy it and find it at least somewhat helpful!

I prepared 6 outfits in total. I think these outfits really reflect my personal style. Most of my wardrobe consists of very basic pieces that can be worn with various styles of clothing. I like to mix and match patterns a lot and by doing so, creating quirky and (hopefully) unexpected results. 

Outfit #1

In this outfit, I paired a baseball tee with some baggy harem pants. I think the baseball tee gives off a 'student' look while the mix-printed bottoms gives the entire outfit a more chic look. I also like how this outfit isn't super feminine/girly-girl, which really reflects my style.

Outfit #2
This look is screaming summer - reminds me of heading to the beach or going to a music festival and all those fun things! I styled this look because I think we can bring that positive summer attitude back to school as well! The kimono works as a great cover-up piece for the bralette. If you are still in high school and need to abide a dress code, opt out for a cami or a regular tank top!

Outfit #3
We are playing with three different textures here - lace, denim, and pleather. First of all, the lace peplum top puts a very feminine spin on the look; and it is toned down by the pleather leggings - which adds a bit of toughness. And to still keep it casual for school, the denim jacket ties the entire look together.

This look is what a classic school girl would look like in my mind. It's inspired by a Korean clothing line called 'stylenanda' - they often post Instagram pictures of their styling, such as this one here >>>
It's very cute and exudes youthfulness and cuteness, which I thought is perfect for back to school season.

Another casual outfit. In this look, I choose a light washed denim vest top and paired it with some tribal printed shorts. The top is very 'quiet' as it does not have any pattern, which is why I wanted to make the entire look 'pop' a bit with some patterned shorts. As for the shoes, I went with some grey converse that also has a denim material.

I think this is also my 'cheat' outfit, in case none of the other outfits worked haha. Of course I'd like to look fabulous everyday but truth is, we all have those days when we are just not feeling it, and you know what, that's completely okay! Just throw on a plain t-shirt with your school/university/college's name on it, and there you go, SCHOOL SPIRIT WOO! Because mine is white, I paired it with some bright colored shorts to make the outfit stand out. You can also go with the good ol' black leggings - after all, they do go with absolutely EVERYTHING.

As you could probably tell, my style varies quite a bit from outfit to outfit. But that's the fun thing about styling, right? You get to experience different looks and express yourself  differently through each look. :)

As always, comment like subscribe if you liked the video and please give me some feedback :)

Have a wonderful day! 

Michelle, xx

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