Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey guys!
So a new THE FACESHOP recently opened in the area I live in and I headed over there for an interview a week ago (fingers crossed!). I was looking at some of their products and purchased an item! Yay exciting eh? I bought the 'Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Foundation' that THE FACESHOP carries. When I was at the store I thought the packaging looked really familiar and when  I came home, I realized my friend had actually got me the BB cream from the same series. So I will be reviewing those two items below. On top of that, I got my hands on some mini-sized MAKEUP FOREVER products, so those will be in this review as well. AND! Oh yes, there is an 'and' - I have a wonderful product that I would like to share with you all! (HEY YOU. YEAH. DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE MYSTERY ITEM YET. I'M WATCHING YOU.)

Here's a pickey of everything! (Oh yes, mystery item!)

First of all, I would just like to say that I love all the packaging from THE FACESHOP. >u< They are all so darn cute! Or some of the less cutesy items, like the foundation I purchased, the color of the package is always very soft and looks really yummy (but seriously, do not eat your makeup.)! Just looking at them makes you think they will be good products. 

The BB cream (the beige tube) my friend actually got for me from Korea I think two years ago. And I noticed that they did not have it in the stores here (Canada). I'm assuming it's because THE FACESHOP is a Korean brand and to my knowledge, most Korean products (especially base makeup - foundation, concealer, etc.) are much lighter, more catered towards Korean and East Asian skin types. From my experience, the BB cream works alright - it's not super great but it's okay. On my better-skin days, it does a good job covering up red spots around my nose. But truth be told, it really can't cover up BIG RED ACNES/SCARS without making my face look super cakey. 

On the other hand, the foundation - which is much darker of course - works really well! It's a 30mL liquid foundation. When I first squeezed it out of the tube, I kind of freaked out at the orange-y color. I was thinking 'man, this is way too dark for me!'. But the product actually blends really well into my skin - as you apply it, it starts to mix with your skin tone and it doesn't make your makeup look weird at all! I just apply it with a finger and on my less lazy days, I would use a beauty sponge.

Moving on to our next product!
The one on the left is the lipstick - ROUGE ARTIST NATURAL - and on the right is the mascara - SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT. 
I tried the mascara on the day I got it and let me tell you - IT'S AMAZING. Well, amazing in my opinion. I've been using THE FACESHOP freshnian big mascara for the past couple months and it's meh - it's really liquidy and the product kind of gets on my face throughout the day. 
The MAKEUP FOREVER one however, are great! They don't irritate my eyes - so important! And it really adds volume and lengthens my lashes - also very important because unfortunately I was not blessed with thick long eyelashes :'( Also, I really love the cone-shaped wand! Works super well for my eye shape. Definitely will be purchasing this product in full size after I run out of this one.

The mini-sized lipstick is so cute! It's a very subtle and natural color - which I think is appropriate for someone like me who doesn't wear a lot of color on her lips. It's also a good color to be wearing on everyday bases - to school, work, etc. 

Alright, time to reveal my favourite product this week!!!

Yes, it's this pomegranate berry lip balm from Bare English & Co.! 
I purchased it back when I was in Toronto and just tried it out last weekend - and what can I say, I am in love! I am someone who loves her fruity scents - but not the super sweet berry ones, I'm more of the citrus-y type of girl. I've never tried any pomegranate-scented products before but I do love eating the fruit, so I picked this lip balm up. And it's for sure a lovely surprise. Not only does it smell good, it really feels like butter on your lips! I like to use it before I go to bed, and it keeps my lips moisturized all night and when I woke up I can still taste the pomegranate goodness c: Also a big plus to me was that their company is organic and vegan! Definitely worth checking out!

That's it for my review.

Have you tried these products? Let me know what you think!

Hope you have a wonderful day, love!

Michelle, xx



  1. I haven't heard of the brand but I love organic products. Will check the brand out.


    1. definitely recommend it!
      just looked on their website, you can find their products at these places :)
      if you do try it, lemme know! :)

  2. loving the lipstick shade!
    how did the interview went? did u get it?