Sunday, July 20, 2014

REVIEW | Sally's Cereals - Cocoa Sweets

I found a new brand of cereal in the Walmart aisles in yesterday - Sally's Cereals. They were in very large bag packages - instead of boxes like most cereals are, and that immediately caught my attention. Perhaps not for the right reason: I thought they were beautifully packaged dog food...the bags were misleading.

I love eating cereal in the morning, with milk or yogurt, and ever since I started this 'clean-eating' journey I have been on the lookout for healthier options. I've heard about brands like HOLY CRAP but $10 for a <250g bag of cereal is not exactly affordable for a student. As I looked at the bags of cereals on the shelf, theses phrases stood out to me, "gluten-free", "no artificial flavours or colors allowed", "sweetened rice cereal with real cocoa". These all seemed to be good qualities, plus it was only $3.94, leading me to throw it into the cart.

The next morning (right now, as I am writing this post), I was excited to try this new 'healthy' cereal out. I purchased the COCOA SWEETS one. When I first poured it out, it looks very similar to the cocoa Rice Krispies cereal. I ate it with some plain 2% milk. Let me just say that, although the cereal claims to have no artificial flavours (such as high fructose corn syrup - very bad), it does not imply that it is low in sugar. By the end of my breakfast, the milk that the cereal has been soaked in for a while tasted like sugar water - gross.

 The nutrition facts on the back states that there is 13g of sugar per serving (3/4 cup), and a high 15% of iron and zinc - though this isn't always reliable because some products do contain additional vitamin and mineral in pill form.

I searched this product online to get the opinions of other customers who have tried this cereal. As reflected, this is definitely not the healthiest cereal. However, as stated on their website, Sally's Cereals do support environmentally friendly manufacturing and processing of their products - which is good of course.

All in all, I think this product has a good intention in terms of sustainable packaging and all, but when it comes to taste, I probably would not buy this again.

Thanks for reading!

Michelle, xx


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