Monday, June 23, 2014

DIARY | Bits and Bobs

Nothing extraordinary today but I felt like writing so here we are.

A few days ago I received an email from TIFF - and for those of you that don't know, it stands for Toronto International Film Festival - informing me about an orientation session that I need to attend some time in July and August. I finally booked my Greyhound tickets today! So I will be back in the big city in early August. Normally I would just print out my bus tickets but my printer actually broke I think early May - yes I come home and I break things, literally a home wrecker. So I thought I could just email it to my friend and have her do it for me. But for what ever reason, the Greyhound website would not let me email my tickets this time! So my mom and I took a trip to Staples and bought a new printer. Tada! I think I'm going to name her Ruby. Yes it's a she. Yes it just works. Okay. It's the HP Envy 5530 wireless printer. I've heard good and bad things about wireless printers so we will see how it goes. I've printed some stuff already and so far it seems good to me.

One thing y'all need to know about me is that I love, LOVE, opening up new things - especially packages, as do many people I believe. I'm not saying that I can financially afford to buy new things like every single day but when I do, that moment when I open those boxes, the feeling of pure satisfaction and joy really rush through me. #weirdo. I also found these ink cartridges and I love the packaging! The one on the left came with the printer and it just reminds me of cookies or crackers? Like those little packets? You know what I'm saying?

 After some not-so-exciting shopping, we headed over to Booster Juice and got me a fruity smoothie hehehe. I got the 'pomegranate punch' - apparently it's one of their superfood smoothies. It contains some pomegranate juice (I think it's just the POM one that you can get at most grocery stores), frozen yogurt (strawbs, raspberries, and vanilla), and some whey protein powder. This was actually my first time having a Booster Juice, and I have to say, I used to think they are overrated and overpriced but it does taste pretty good! I mean, I still think they are overpriced. These are definitely drinks you can make at home but you do get a plethora of choices there, plus there's the protein powder that cost a lot by themselves. Normally when I make smoothies myself, I leave out the protein powder - just because it's not really necessary for someone like me who eats poultry, seafood, and meat. I have enough daily protein intake and if on top of that, I drink a 500 mL drink with 20+g of protein in there, that would be overdoing it. With all that said, I'd definitely recommend this drink, especially if you just worked out!

I didn't really film a video or anything for today's outfit, but I quite liked the look so I took some pics. I have on a simple black romper underneath that I got from one of the university's clothes exchange events back in February. And because I don't like wearing strapless things just by themselves, I threw on a thin tri-color cross knit. Also I would just like to add, when it comes to selfies, sky is really the limit. #DSLRselfies LOL.

That pretty much wraps up my day. 
To whoever is reading my blog, I hope you had a wonderful day and let's catch up another time! :)

Michelle, xx

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