Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FASHION | Currently Loving: Breton Stripes

  Breton Stripes    

>>  With a rich history in fashion, the Breton stripes originated from France and were made for sailors. In its most common form, the Breton stripes usually have boatneck - or a wider round neckline. Personally I think it's a very flattering neckline on females, as it shows off the neck as well as collar bones. By itself, a Breton stripe t-shirt is a rather loose fitting piece, which is why many choose to have it tucked into their bottom wear, leaving a more fitted silhouette.

As far as styling goes, it can be dressed up with a fitted blazer top and a pair of trousers; or dressed down with a cozy cardigan and some light-washed denim.

Coco Chanel in Breton Stripes
Although it is more commonly worn by females today, it is certainly a favourtite amongst men as well. 

James Dean

Pablo Picasso

It can be said that Breton stripes has out-competed the fast paced fashion cycle. Its incredible history in the fashion industry has made it a true closet staple.

Classic and iconic, effortless and timeless.

* All photos are from Tumblr.

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