Monday, June 16, 2014

YOUTUBE | Outfits for Spring Episode 3: Birthday Behavior

Hello lovelies!
I have decided to move my OFS (Outfits for Spring) series to my blog as well. I have already completed the first two episodes, which you can check out on my YouTube channel if you like.

And on we go with episode three! Also this will be the last episode of the spring series, because summer is finally here! Look forward and stay tuned for more summer outfit ideas! 

The weather yesterday was lovely - lots of sunshine with the perfect amount of wind to blow your hair up like in the movies! My Mom and I drove downtown for a little birthday dinner to celebrate my 19th birthday. #YayForLegal. There is NOT going to be any #FirstLegalDrink hashtags on my Instagram because I ain't no your ratchet basic bitch. Just kidding. But seriously. Homegirl is not about that alcoholic life. Me? I'm chocoholic.

I have always been a summer girl. The nice sunny weather was the perfect opportunity for me to break out my dresses! I mean, it's about time right? 

This dress is from Express. I thought the vibrant orange color paired up with a more subtle beige make a perfect spring/summer stripe combo. As the dress is fitted to the waist, I added a rust colored belt (thrifted) that has braided details. The texture definitely highlights the dress, and at the same time the belt helps to accentuate the horizontal effect the dress brings.

In case it gets colder at night, I added a cream colored short cardi for extra warmth if needed. Because the cardigan (Charlotte Russe) is a bit longer than where the belt is placed, it adds a cut-off and gives the entire outfit a more layered look. 

Going with the neutral to warm color palette, I chose a light coral leather bag (China - AJiDou to add a bit of 'unf' to the outfit.

Last but not least, I finished the outfit with my favorite pair of flats (Nine West). At first glance, they may just look like a pair of old-school rosy brown flats. But if you look closely, they are made with soft pleather - which immediately classes up the outfit - and have a bright orange sole. I love surprises in fashion pieces and I think the little pop of orange on the bottom of the flats works with the orange stripes of the dress.

And there you go! My birthday outfit!

Hope you enjoyed this episode of "Outfits for Spring", the link to my OOTD video is down below, please check it out! :)

Tag me on Instagram and show me your spring/summer outfits!

Michelle, xx


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